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AWW thank you for saying so, that certainly brightens up a gal’s day C:

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry to hear you're going through a rough time. I can't really give advice or anything, since I'm still in high school, but I'll keep you in my prayers. You're one of my favorite tumblr people - I think you're brilliant - and I hope your situation gets better.

ahhh that’s so very sweet of you! that you took the time to let me know that you care is perfectly enough, believe me. thank you! <3


Love-in-Idleness, by Perkynurples

Taking Bilbo Baggins, a successful movie actor who is only just getting used to the perks and intricacies of becoming A Face People Want To See, and putting him together with Thorin Oakenshield, with his very traditional (read: slightly backwards) ideas about what constitutes Real Art and Real Talent, might very well be viewed as just some clothead’s idea of a joke. But there are jokes, and then there are carefully calculated risks the size of controversial reproductions of classic Shakespearean plays - for Bilbo, it is the chance of a lifetime to prove himself to all those who have ever deemed him too one-dimensional to even attempt stage, while Thorin has the opportunity to get out of the rut that’s been hindering his career for so long now, and shine in a role worthy of his talent once again. That is if the two learn how to share the same space for more than ten minutes without wanting to tear each other’s hair out. The course of true love never did run smooth, after all…


Final drafts + introduction to my prompts for the HRBB14 ( hobbitreversebang).

Please keep reading for more infos about both of them! I’ve come up with a few ideas for both of them, if you choose one of my prompts you don’t necessarily have to include all of them into the story (but I’d really like to see them into the fic - just pick up what you like though).

♦ Dragonborn/Skyrim ‘verse

This is vaguely based on Skyrim main plot.

When Bard kills Smaug, his soul unexpectedly comes back to the Mountain to be assorbed by Bilbo and Thorin. They’re both heavily confused until Gandalf appears and reveals that apparently they’re the Dragonborn, the descendent of dragons that is destined to rid the world of their kind. This time though, it has reincarnated into two beings - Bilbo and Thorin indeed. They now must go to the north of Middle Earth to stop the new rise of dragons, and mostly stop the cultists of dragons who want to bring back the great Ancalagon the Black, who would help Sauron take control of all Middle Earth. Things are not made easier by the fact that Thorin - still partially under the effect of the gold-sickness - doesn’t want to leave his newly reclaimed kingdom, Bilbo is extremely cross with him, and it happens that they have to be somehow connected to make their powers work and do the Shouts.


  • This is not meant to be an overly serious AU. I mean just look at Bilbo and Thorin. To quote Kim, “the dragonborn is two short people who yell at each other more than at the dragons they kill”.
  • 100+ if Thorin has a crush on Bilbo from the beginning, but as fierce Bilbo is… the Dragonborn? This soft-Shire guy?
  • Bilbo is done with everything and everyone.
  • Members of the Company will go with them probably. Fili, Kili, Dwalin…
  • To Shout they must have a bond. At the beginning they have to use a physical bond, because their souls are distant, and the gold-sickness hurt both of them. 10000+ bonus if towards the end they can use their power even apart from each other because they now have a powerful soul-bond - aka they’re in love with each other.
  • Trillions+ if there’s pining and sexual tension because they’re both too stupid to deal with their own feelings.
  • Thorin being hyper-protective.
  • The presence of Paarthurnax is appreciated
  • The Istaris could be the Grey Beards
  • The Arkenstone event never happened, if the Battle is avoided is up to you, but Bilbo is still very cross with Thorin.
  • Months passes before this new quest begins, because Thorin doesn’t want to leave the Mountain. During this time Bilbo trains with Dwalin.

Check here for more sketches

♦ Musician Modern AU

I haven’t developed this one so much, because I want to give more free hand to the writers who pick it. I basically only want a fic featurin Thorin playing the harp, ok? XD

The basic idea is: Thorin is a harp player who struggles to be recognised in the music world. Not because he lacks of talent or he’s impossible to work with (although he can be pretty rough at times…) but because in a world where professional harp players are almost only women, nobody really takes him seriously. 

Bilbo Baggins is a grumpy, antisocial composer with lacks of ispiration that threatens to block his career, always withdrawn in his comely flat with his piano and his cat.

When Gandalf literally drags Thorin into Bilbo’s house, an improbable collaboration starts, because after hearing the other play, Bilbo is determined to create a piece which will bring up all Thorin’s qualities and personality.

This is supposed to be a Bagginshield fic too, but you can develop it as you like. I only ask for one thing: Bilbo has a nervous smoking habit. No one ever transfers Bilbo’s smoking in Middle Earth to modern AUs…

Check the tags #dragonborn and #musicianAU on my blog because I could add more sketches to the thing.


"She is the lover of all things that grow in the earth, and all their countless forms she holds in her mind, from the trees like towers in forests long ago to the moss upon stones or the small and secret things in the mould."

Part 4 / ? Modern AU Valar

Lupita Nyong’o as Yavanna, a special educational needs teacher who works with children with learning difficulties and disabilities to help them reach their potential, and is a firm believer that no child should be left behind. At weekends, she drives out of the city to the small place she has in the woods of a mountainous national park, with her cat in the car seat next to her. His name is Birch, and most of the time, he’s all the company she needs.


I cannot guarantee his safety.

For Manic! Who had been terribly nice to me through 2012 and I have wanted to make her something for a while now. Heh, now’s a good time since I’m hobbitspired. This one’s pretty rough, but I think it will do for now.


"Look, ada, I look just like you!"

Little!Legolas plays dress up with Thranduil’s autumn crown for August 27th’s Daily Doodle Sketch.

Tolkien is careful to note that children are precious to the elves, so my head-canon gleefully has Thranduil doting on his golden son and indulging him at every possible turn…

Red and white pencils on tan paper. 9x12”