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Streaming Shakespeare's Globe - A Midsummer Night's Dream (@1:30 PM)


Ello! The actual stream starts at 1:30 PM EST, but I’m posting this up now while I do maintenance and make sure sounds work and the stream is not lagging ahhhhhhhhhhhhh /worrywart 

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Gah, I’ve read that Bagginshield fanfic Of Seasons by northerntrash and I had to do at least a quick doodle. The imagery is very strong and simply beautiful <3

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Fires and Stars - by: Jeff Davis

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oh man I’ve got the new ps4 avec destiny all to myself for the morning

goodbye world

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Thranduil, Bilbo & Thorin (BOFA BTS stills / “Cinema” scans)


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Prague, Czech Republic

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*sends cookies your way to support you* You can do it !

thank you muchly! <3

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The Hobbit | Pirate!AU

"What is this?" the captain growled, his stance wide and threatening on the rocking deck. Bilbo crowded as close as possible to Gandalf, his legs threatening to buckle and pitch him over the side. He already hated the two fleshy appendages - why, oh why, had he agreed to leave the water? He missed his tail.

"This, Captain Oakenshield," Gandalf replied, nudging Bilbo forward, "is your navigator."

"Ha! Navigator? He looks more like a merchant to me."

Inspired by (and text from) All Ahead, Full Sail by ShadowChanger aka durinsheir

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Some fabulous Dwarf ladies.

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