"I want to know. Why did you come back?" "…’cause you don’t have one, a home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can." (x)

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//////aggressive tear wiping//// and seeing everyones cosplays ;-;


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let us weep together from the confines of our homes wishing we were in bonn cRIES HOBBIT CAST IS STARTING TO ARRIVE AND STARTING TO TWEET I CRY

Anonymous asked: hi! sorry to be a bother but i noticed your fic nothing gold can stay doesn't really have any archive warnings for certain triggers like major character death?((i don't believe that warnings like that spoil a story))

oh… right! you’re right. I kind of thought that warning in particular served to describe a major character death actually happening in the story, not in the history of the characters. but you are right, there is a great amount of it in that aspect. I can totally tag that if it bothers you, and let me know if you had any other warnings in mind! : ]

oh right hobbitcon is coming…..

I was supposed to go to hobbitcon……….

“I was in love with the elves, so when I got told that I had an opportunity to be involved in ‘The Hobbit’ and be an elf and I knew I loved Tolkien and I knew I loved The Hobbit book… well.”

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ohmaedhros asked: JUST THEM WRECKING HAVOC?? LIKE ??? STEALING THINGS FROM THE KITCHENS??? running down the halls? dragging thorin into it despite him being A Grown Up Prince Now


deidre has had a limp as long as they’ve known her and she can hardly catch up with them - not that she particularly tries. it’s much more fun hearing the horrified gasps of the passing groundskeepers as frerin and dis play tag on the massive neatly trimmed lawns outside, you know the ones with the ‘please don’t step on the grass’ signs

and thorin being forced to sit in stuffy rooms and study politics while the weather outside is too pretty, and he can see his younger siblings waving at him, and at some point they sneak into the room while thorin is alone and coax him into running away with them

and frerin is the best at hiding (much like fili later on) and he knows the best places to hide in for hOURS without anyone having a single clue where he is, and he pops out from behind bookshelves during dis’ piano lessons carefully so that her senile teacher can’t see him and only she can

and the three of them making night raids into the kitchens and even though deidre finds them every single time she still makes them cocoa and makes sure they make it back to bed without being seen by anyone ~important

and yes screaming and singing and laughing as they stomp down the vast regal halls and heads of indignated maids and office workers popping out of the doors as they pass by but they laugh even more

is this what you had in mind

ohmaedhros asked: i wanted to go to your askbox to scream about kiddie thorin, frerin and dis but then i typed nothinggoldcanstay instead of bilboo and why do i try. what is the point anyway